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You've been given the difficult task of finding entertainment for your next event...with so many options, who do you choose? Who can you rely on? And who can deliver first class entertainment? Michael Bourada has over 20 years experience, is a full time performer and has presented for over 200 companies just like yours.

Read below to learn more about the exciting performances he has to offer.




Parties for your employees and/or clients usually consist of cocktails, dinner then a band and dancing. The problem is everyone does the same old event, EVERY YEAR. Give your guests something they will get excited about, something different, something they will remember – an edge of your seat, hilariously entertaining magic-illusion show.

He has been called “one of Canada’s Elite Magicians” (CTV) and he is coming your way with a show of amazing magic, hilarious comedy and unforgettable illusion – specifically for adults. This show is based around interaction and participation; members of the audience are called up on stage truly experience the incredible magic first hand. Michael’s quick wit and sharp humor truly engages the audience and leaves a lasting impression on everyone watching.

The magic itself is nothing short of incredible as well, not only will the audience laugh, they will be truly amazed by the incredible feats that take place before their eyes such as a stunning prediction involving thoughts from random spectators, producing a bowling ball from thin air, making two people instantly change places with no bulky props and much more!

Michael's performance is so popular that it's featured weekly at Ottawa's renowned 'The Prescott'; the show is called 'Turning Tricks' and is presented every Friday night to a sold out crowd.


- This show requires a small-to-medium sized performing area with access to electrical outlets for MP3 players and microphones.

- The suggested distance of the audience should be - seated or standing 10 feet away (not mandatory however).

- All routines are highly visual and have a comedic, exciting and interactive theme.

- Can be set-up in 15-30 minutes and can follow other performers without interfering in their act or infringing on their space.

Here is a live clip from the show:

Michael has some fun with the audience before 'wow-ing' them with a surprise ending.




Here is The 'Highlight Reel' from the show:



If you are looking for something Grand Scale, this is for you. Dazzling illusions are mixed with exciting routines to create a show that is perfect for corporate event planning, banquets, sales meetings, new product launches, galas and parties. You’ll witness amazing illusions where people appear – disappear, float through the air, are cut in half, penetrate through one another, have their head cut up, twisted and removed and more great routines.

Furthermore, Michael makes some of the audience members the stars of the show; inviting several volunteers up to the stage to truly experience the magic. He also makes an astounding prediction using multiple members of the audience, their thoughts and dreams, which lead to the most impossible and breathtaking revelation! Of coarse this leads to many laugh-out-loud moments and incredible memories. The finale is a very novel and touching conclusion to the show, nothing corny, tacky or sappy, just magic at its purest form. Michael combines grand scale illusions, incredible magic and hilarious moments to create a show that will be remembered.

Not limited to just theatres, this show can be setup anywhere from a performance center, to an empty hall as its completely self contained and we own every piece of equipment imaginable. Lights, sound systems, and unique sets are all part of the ambience when we create a theatrical production.

To go one step further, your company’s message or logo can be incorporated into the production or we can make your companies C.E.O., or boss magically appear!


- This show requires a medium-to-large sized performing area with access to electrical outlets for sound, lighting and special effects.

- The suggested distance of the audience should be - seated or standing 10 feet away (not mandatory however).

- Small amounts of fire are used but are under complete control. Not hazardous to anyone or fire alarms.

- All routines/illusions are highly visual and have a comedic, exciting and interactive theme.

- An on-stage assistant is included in this show. Technical staff included (sound/lights).

- Ideal for audiences of 50-750+ people


Here is a live clip from the show:


If you don't believe in magic spend a day with Michael Bourada and he will definitely change your mind. He has been called "a new sensation in the world of magic" along with “one of Canada’s Elite Magicians” and he is coming your way with MAGIC UP-CLOSE, a stunning display of original close-up magic, WITHOUT THE CAMERA TRICKS.

Close-up Magic requires lots of audience participation and excitement. It’s also considered one of the purest forms of magic as it happens up-front, right before of your eyes – NO STAGE REQUIRED.

Consider having your guests truly captivated during cocktails, waiting for meals, for family venues, fairs/festivals, gala ceremonies, banquets, corporate seminars/retreats, trade shows, office events and so much more.


Your guests will be absolutely astonished when they take part in Michael’s magic. He performs unique, bizarre and exciting magic, where the impossible comes to life.  You’ll witness feats such as penetrating objects through people and himself, burning your thought or image into his arm, levitating through the air and more JAW DROPPING - never before seen magic, all right at your own event.



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